Friday, April 29, 2011

Chocolate Sauces-velvety goodness

It is well known in my family that there is not a single day of my life when chocolate in one form or another doesn't cross my lips. I swoon over the smell, the color, the texture and oh lord, the complexities of flavor. Ironic that my fiancee could take it or leave it. For me this is a blessing- hand me the spoon- it's all mine!

As with the custard sauces, Chocolate Sauces are another great accent to a cake. There are many debates about whether to have a chocolate cake or not, and "is it a crowd pleaser?" Of course, for me it's a resounding yes- but then, I won't be there... So go ahead and order the classic white wedding cake- and then offer your guests the option to indulge in their chocolate desires.

Lauren and I have put together a trio of chocolate sauces that we feel will beautifully compliment just about any cake combination. We used our Classic White cake- buttery, tender loveliness- but consider a fruit option (with the exception of lemon in my book). A Toasted Almond cake with a raspberry mousse filling would be delightful. So would an Espresso cake with Cannoli filling, or Spice Cake with an Orange Scented Cream cheese filling- oh and the Triberry Compote filling with chocolate is heaven!

Our three sauces are: White Chocolate with infused Cinnamon (Lauren's favorite), Semi Sweet Mexican Spice Chocolate (My favorite) and Dark Chocolate Espresso.
The White Chocolate infused with Cinnamon has a creamy vanilla with just a touch of warmth from the Cinnamon. There is something so inviting and familiar. When I made this sauce it turned out a little more on the saucy side- not a detriment in my book, but didn't make as pretty a plate as I would have liked. However, similar to the custard sauces it nestled it's way into the crevices of the cake and became a unifying bite.

The Spicy Mexican Chocolate Sauce has a bit of heat from an infusion of smokey chipotle peppers. The experience for me was a lovely warm chocolate in the mouth but then it came back around after the finish with a surprising jolt of heat that expanded on the tongue. This was not Lauren's favorite, too much heat for her, but for me it was a delightful zing that encouraged me for more.

The Dark Chocolate Espresso had all the dark luscious richness of a soft leather chair in an oak paneled room. One can't beat it and paired with the Triberry Compote?! MMMmmm...

I liked the color distinctions between the three, and thought putting them together on the plate fun and decadent- but three at a time is not necessary.

As a taste test we served the sauces at our Easter Feast. I was curious to see how my family would respond and take to the concept. Most tried one or two- not all three. It went over well, and the conversation around "how to choose" made us all laugh. All in all a great success.


Anonymous said...

What great creative ideas!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I just found this post and I absolutely love this idea! However, I can only see the recipe for the dark chocolate espresso sauce and not the other two. Can you re-link them please. I'd love to try them out!

Gail , said...

Thank you for letting my know about the glitch. I'll work on it and get that corrected soon. Also- keep updated for some new sauce ideas coming in the next week or two- Glad you like them!

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