Behind the Oven

A Simple Cake was created as a spin off of my custom wedding cake business. After over 24 years of making incredibly detailed and made to order cakes, I started to hear from brides the same thing again and again.... "I just want a simple cake".

I understood what they meant. Sometimes, as much as you might think that hand crafted roses and peonies are absolutely breathtaking, they may not be your style and/or may not be in the budget.

A Simple Cake was launched in the early Spring of '09 with little fanfare to appeal to this particular person. It has steadily grown and developed a loyal following and broad appreciation.

The blog was created as a way to offer inspiration and ideas to our brides on how they might take our basic cakes and transform them into their own. We feel this is perfect for the DIY bride as well as the "inspired" bride.

Blogging has also allowed me to expand into other areas of my love of food and sharing. Wherever there is cake there are good times, gatherings of good feeling. I've often remarked how lucky I have been to be in a business that makes beautiful and delicious things for happy people on the best days of their lives. How can you beat that? The constant evolution of style and design has also been a big part of what we do also.

It is not uncommon for either Lauren or me to dash over to the other, wide eyed and excited to share a new thought or idea. Sugar and flour is a playground, and we revel in it.

Lauren, my business partner, and I hope you like what you see and would love any feedback you might be willing to offer- and if you care to share any of your photos please feel free to email us info *at* asimplecake *dot* com
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