Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding Cake Topper: NYC Skyline

So many of my couples talk about incorporating something about NYC in their cake toppers. NYC is either the place they met, or the place they intend to forge their new life together. There is something magical about the music of the streets of NY and the romance of a growing ember of love in the midst of a rough and tough town.

At Gail Watson Custom Cakes I make a beautiful custom sugar topper and love to incorporate important buildings and addresses- such as the location of the first kiss, or the couple's favorite Thai restaurant, first apartment together etc. But those toppers can get costly and are not for everyone.

 When walking past MUJI on 40th Street, I spied in the window a cute display that read- "City in a Bag- New York". It is meant to be a child's toy, but the clean and simple lines make the pieces very cool and elegant. And at $14 for the set I couldn't resist.

Inside the bag were several recognizable buildings- The Empire State building, The Chrysler building, The Statue of Liberty, The Guggenheim Museum and a few cars, including limos.

I glue gunned the pieces to one 6" Wilton separator plate (buy here) on the smooth side. The notches for the plastic columns sinks down into the cake make it stable without gouging the cake too much.

I could see someone going to town (pun) on this by adding street signs, and I was even tempted to add "just married" and miniature tin cans to the back of a limo. But just as it is lent a beautiful simplicity and grace to our concrete jungle.


Meg said...

This is just to die for. So clever. Thanks for sharing!!

raja said...

ohhh..i love that wedding cake/cupcakes...what a unique idea. plus the brid made the topper...very clever!! will definitely keep this design in mind for other events.

Cake Display

aliah said...

Cake is looking Awesome..and i like the links that you have shared here in this post.. i did visited to the link "Gail Watson Custom Cakes" and it was fun visiting to this link. i did get good amount of information from there. thanks for sharing your this post and keep posting such post here in future too. food presentation is something on which you can share your future post..:-)

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