Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Marzipan Fruits Make the Magazines!

Marzipan fruits with red sugar draping is featured in the latest Brides Magazine

Here comes the Fall and we just love the look and pop of color that marzipan can add to your cake.

Marzipan is a sweetened almond paste that can be shaped into many things. It's especially known for being molded into beautiful fruits.  Years ago we had a company that hand made and packaged these beauties called, Bella Dulce. We sold our sweets to many different companies such as Dean and Deluca, Williams Sonoma etc., and they never ceased to impress.

Marzipan Cherries

What is wonderful about the marzipan is that they make gorgeous and delicious favors as well. Who wouldn't want to take home a handful of these beauties?

A pair of marzipan pears

We make each fruit by hand. They are rolled and molded, pinched and perfected, and then one by one, artfully hand dusted with powdered colors to bring them to life.

The decoration possibilities are endless. We would love to create for you the perfect look for your cake. 


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