Thursday, January 8, 2015

Best in Snow Feature in CeciStyle Magazine!

I'm still dreaming about this wintery wedding at the Loeb Central Park Boathouse. It was magical, Central Park was blanketed with a layer of fluffy white snow and all was quiet and calm as we slowly drove into the Park.  Carter and Brad couldn't have planned a more lovely evening in a beautiful, iconic setting and we are thrilled to have it featured in this edition of CeciStyle Magazine.  The invitation suite that Ceci New York created was absolutely perfect for the occasion.  Our Silver Dragee cake design created the perfect sparkly centerpiece to accompany all the twinkle lights around the venue. The one good thing about snow this time of year, it makes for a lovely backdrop for a wedding!  
The fabulous photos were captured by Thai Dao Photography

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Leaf Restaurant & Fort Tryon Park: An Intimate Winter Wedding

When we received Michelle Lange's images of Clare and John's wedding everything was simply beautiful down to the hand embroidered linen napkins the bride made for each guest's place setting.  Thankfully we can share all this loveliness with you all as Michelle's gallery was selected to be featured in Style Me Pretty.  The cake we did for Clare and John is one of our New Designs, Ruffles in buttercream which the florist added fresh flowers to the top.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A White Cake: A Simple Cake - Named one of Top Pastry Pros by Martha Stewart Weddings'

We are beyond excited to announce that Lauren Bohl White with A White Cake and A Simple Cake has been named one of the Top Pastry Pros of 2014 by Martha Stewart Weddings'.  We join a stellar list of pros located not just in New York but across the country, congrats to all!  

You can see the full story on pages 126-127 in the Martha Stewart Real Weddings Special Issue 
on stands now until mid July.  You can also see the web link here

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Style Me Pretty: A July Wedding at Gramercy Park Hotel

We always love seeing the beautiful weddings our cakes have been a part of and this one is no exception.  Rachel Cho Floral Design did an amazing job with placing fresh flowers on our Pearl Dot cake design and the table arrangements were just lovely.  You can see the full gallery of the wedding at Style Me Pretty link.  The Photographer for the wedding and these beautiful images above is Kelly Kollar, the adorable hand illustrated table cards are from Paperfinger and the gorgeous venue is penthouse at The Gramercy Park Hotel.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Customizing A Simple Cake

It's always fun to work with clients to take A Simple Cake design and add their own colors and ideas to make it their own.  Whether it's making the gumpaste flowers a color to match the bride's bouquet or combining patterns and design combinations to come up with something new . . . the possibilities are endless. We thought we might post some pictures of recent cakes showing some different combinations.  In regards to pricing for these custom options, there's no hard or fast rule, depending on what you want to do it may be a flat fee or a cost per serving.  If you have something in mind give us a call and we can certainly work with you.

Florentine Swirl design with red classic roses, buttercream cake
Quilted design with lavender Garden Roses

Pearl Dot design with pink Lace and pearls custom design, buttercream cake

Raining Dots design in Pink Ombre, buttercream cake

New Ruffle Design with Tulips in mixed sizes 

Sugar Drape design with Fresh Flowers, buttercream cake

Black Satin Ribbon with Silver Dragee, fondant Cake
Petal Flower design as a cascade, photo by Christian Oth Studio
Swallow Tail design with Moth Orchids, buttercream cake

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Love, Cake and the Pursuit of Happiness

We have been very privileged to make cakes for many couples, young, old, gay and straight and it is such joy to be a part of the wedding planning process. I love that part of our job is meeting with couples and sharing in their joy and seeing their shared love as they plan and begin their next step together. LOVE & CAKE, we share and support equally for all of our clients, friends, family and community.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

We're a Steal!: The Today Show Upcoming Wedding Segment- March 22nd

Exciting news from the kitchen! The Knot asked us to create a cake for a segment they are producing for the Today show featuring Splurge and Steal items for a wedding and our cake is the STEAL!!  The segment will be airing tomorrow (Friday, March 22nd) during the 10am hour.

If you weren't able to catch the segment, click on Wedding Splurge vs Steal to watch the segment on the Today website.  Molly Ringwald thinks our cake is tasteful!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Liza Minnelli!!

Liza Minnelli celebrated her 67th birthday this past week with one of our fabulous cakes. Liza, along with her close friend, Alan Cumming did a one off performance in celebration of her big day.

Surrounded by close friends it was said that the Oscar winning star looked positively thrilled as she gazed at the culinary masterpiece. She was apparently shocked and delighted by the surprise, and after blowing out the candles threw her hands up in celebration.

Happy Birthday dear Liza!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A little Valentine's Day love

We love to send a little sweet treat to our friends this time of year, for us it's a great time of year with a lull in our cake baking schedule to pause and create something fun to share with others.  Hope your Valentine's Day is filled with sweetness and love.
xoxo, Lauren, Gail and Paola

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Cakes & A Music Video

Gracious! It's hard to believe our last post was in November . . . between the wedding, honeymoon, the holidays, wonderful client meetings and working on new cake designs it's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle and forget to post.  New Year's resolution: be better at posting more often.  To start off this resolution, we have something very fun to share, it's a music video we shot in the kitchen last year when we had a break in our baking schedule. Our thanks to the film crew that made the whole behind the scenes process of making a wedding cake look so lovely and easy.  The band behind this gem of a tune is Farewell Milwaukee. This is chapter 2 of 3 in a series of vignettes telling the stories of real people as characters to reveal their everyday passion.  Enjoy! xoxo, Lauren

Watch the video: The Night Is Falling For You

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Announcing: Mr and Mrs White- Our Lauren gets married

On November 10th, our dear and beautiful Lauren married her man- Ryan White. Which now can explain the name of the custom side of the business A White Cake by Lauren Bohl-White.

Everyone's wedding is special, every bride looks beautiful- but as it is with babies- OUR girl's wedding was the best and the most beautiful!

The wedding took place in Columbus Ohio. It was a collaborative effort with the cake. Paola, who works with Lauren in the kitchen, baked the cake and filled the layers. I drove the cake to Ohio and did the finishing icing. Ruth Drennan, another extremely talented cake baker and close friend of both Lauren and me, made the sugar flowers and did the final decorating.

Every step full of love and sweetness.

Weddings are a blessing to all of us. It's the reminder of what love is and why we cling together. It renews our fortitude and blows a more vibrant glow into the embers of our deep loves. Whenever two people come together and declare their love, it is a benefit to us all.

And when there is a room full of love for the joining couple- there will be good times and much dancing, as there was that evening. I've been to many weddings, but there is no comparison between them. Each nuptial is the quintessential of the two. It is a reflection of the energy of their hearts. No two are alike, as no two couples are.

Their evening was filled with laughter, delicious food, flowing wine, and yes- much dancing. It was one of the best weddings I've shared in my life. We should all be so blessed.

Sachi and Rushabh's Simple Wedding Cake- touches of fresh flowers

Another stunning example of how our "simple" cake can be made to look to stunning and special.

Perfect for a winter wedding.

The design is our Pearl Dot with two sets of sugar roses added to the sides The florist then added a touch of color by sprinkling around some deep ruby orchids.

Thank you to Asiya for the photo-

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A White Cake: 1250 miles.....

If this cake could talk!

This is a spectacularly beautiful cake from Lauren's company A White Cake- that was covered in fondant and decorated with cascading pearl and silver sugar beads.

I logged over 2500 miles onto my car this weekend so that I could drive this cake and 350 miniature wedding cakes that were a take off of this larger cake, down to Palm Beach, Florida. Needless to say the wedding was spectacular and one of the loveliest I've ever seen (which after 25 years says quite a lot).

The bride and groom cut this cake for their ceremony and then each guest received a miniature cake in one of two different flavors- chocolate for the gents, and lemon for the ladies. The better part of this story is I had been making cakes for the bride since she was a young girl. Her mother would order birthday cakes from me since she was about 8 years old. This is when she became a fan of our chocolate cake and set her heart on having it for her wedding day. Years later she was at a friends' wedding where our chocolate cake was served- and her wishes were confirmed. "It was the best wedding cake I ever had! It was so good I stole three pieces off other other people's plates!" When she found out later it was our cake it was the perfect affirmation.

This is not the first time that our cake has taken to the highway. Other than a cake that was taken by private jet to Venice, Italy (sadly I did not go with)- this cake has the most miles.

How did we do it? Well it went in pieces and I assembled and decorated it on site. It was kept well chilled and traveled beautifully. The caterer was surprised to hear we had come that far since everything was perfect and delicious. He was astounded to hear I had driven from NYC.

In two weeks we are hitting the road again- taking another cake out to Indianapolis, IN, which is only a mere 750 miles from our kitchen. That one will be a beauty too. I promise photos after I return.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Petal Wonderful White Wedding Cake

All white petal flower cake by A White Cake- by Lauren Bohl White

The skies had threatened rain, but it turned out to be a lovely evening for this Hamptons wedding. Lauren produced this cake through the other side of the business, A White Cake, which specializes in custom cakes and more detailed sugar work. The cascade of white fluffy petals were a perfect compliment to the setting- don't you think?

The mood and atmosphere of this day was easy casual elegance. I've heard many brides say that's what they want, and this bride pulled it off beautifully. A backyard wedding amongst tall leafy ancient trees, guests cruising around the lawn with tinkling cocktails in hand as the sun sets. As the day turns into dusk the shift it towards the tent and dinner.

Under the billowing tent, a soft pink orbs create a warm rosy calm and sweet intimacy- the dancing and song playing can now commence. In the corner was a lovely sweets table with apothecary jars brimming with more lovely colors treats. The overall feeling, relaxed and lovely.

My daughter (25) accompanied me on this delivery. She couldn't stop sighing at the location and the atmosphere, and when it was time to take our leave she looked at me with wishful eyes, "Can't we stay??" Of course she knew the answer to that question- but what a testament to a day well planned.

Fluffy white centerpieces and the petal delicate cake set the mood.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Marzipan Fruits Make the Magazines!

Marzipan fruits with red sugar draping is featured in the latest Brides Magazine

Here comes the Fall and we just love the look and pop of color that marzipan can add to your cake.

Marzipan is a sweetened almond paste that can be shaped into many things. It's especially known for being molded into beautiful fruits.  Years ago we had a company that hand made and packaged these beauties called, Bella Dulce. We sold our sweets to many different companies such as Dean and Deluca, Williams Sonoma etc., and they never ceased to impress.

Marzipan Cherries

What is wonderful about the marzipan is that they make gorgeous and delicious favors as well. Who wouldn't want to take home a handful of these beauties?

A pair of marzipan pears

We make each fruit by hand. They are rolled and molded, pinched and perfected, and then one by one, artfully hand dusted with powdered colors to bring them to life.

The decoration possibilities are endless. We would love to create for you the perfect look for your cake. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

We're not Chicken! Celebrating Same Sex Marriage

Happy One Year Anniversary to Travis and John!

Wishing you many more years of a sweet delicious life together-

Gail and Lauren

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fresh Flowers For Your Wedding Cake

Fresh flowers are a great answer to decorating your cake when you don't have the budget for hand crafted sugar confection blooms.

We created our designs at A Simple Cake to be perfect for just such a thing. Delicious and elegant cake is the base for your fresh flower artistry.

Simple touches of fresh flowers can enhance a sleek and elegant design- or use the power of the petals and create a statement. Gorgeous orchids cascade down our Florentine Swirl Design.

Simple touches of start anemones and blush pink roses add grace to this Basketweave Design.


A flurry of petal-y garden flowers- roses, lysianthis, hydrangea, sweet william- on the simple Pearl Dot design 

Classic Peonies, roses and calla lilies on one of our favorite cake designs: Sugar Drape.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lauren: Our Action Doll!

Lauren puts the finishing touches on a beautiful cake at The Bowery Hotel. This client chose the Petal Flower design and enhanced it with extra sugar flowers to go along with the feeling of the fresh flowers on the tables.

{The cake was to be transferred later onto a beautiful display table, not left on that ugly rental....}

Fresh Flowers for Wedding Cakes

Fresh Carnations featured in Martha Stewart Weddings

The clean elegance of many of our wedding cake designs are perfect for decorating with fresh flowers, and it's once again becoming a popular thing to do, even in the most elegant of settings.

Fresh flowers were a super popular thing years ago when there were few people with the skills and talents to make sugar flowers. From casual garden weddings to even the swankiest of events in grand hotels- flowers were the best fall back when a bride didn't want gobs of icing swirls and flounces.

Working with fresh flowers on cakes can have its challenges- but if you take the time to think things through properly, you can avoid the pitfalls.

The first concern when working with fresh flowers is scale. Though a oversized luscious bloom can look stunning as an accent on a cake- when trying to make arrangements of flower groups, you need to keep this aspect in mind. Depending on the dimensions of the layers, the available "shelf" space may vary. If not careful, the flowers can look perched and teetering on the edge of a cake and can even weigh too heavily and cause damage to the layers.

An example of the flowers overwhelming the design

A cake that has elegance and grace will always look better in the end.

Our Ribbon Band Cake with a balance of flowers

Take time with your florist or the baker to discuss exactly how you want the balance to be on the cake, and then make sure there are adequate flowers to do so. A wedding cake can require more flowers than you might imagine, and you want each bloom to be perfect, so it's wise to err on the side of having too many to work with than trying to make some saggy blooms stretch.

                                                Our Pearl Dot Cake in fondant with soft groups of flowers

Another question to address is who is going to do the actual decorating. Will it be the cake baker? or the florist? A friend? A good chat between the florist and the cake baker is a good idea, to be sure that everyone is in cahoots.

Avoid blooms that can have milky stems that will seep into your cake, and also consider the scent.  There are some flowers that can leave a musky smell, and even some that can leave guests with some tummy trouble. Take a little time to research which are best for you to use.

Sometimes the discussion of pesticides being transferred to a cake comes up. Just be sure that the flowers are rinsed well before placing on the cake- even if there is some residue, the exposure is minimal. If this is something you are still concerned about, a small nosegay can be created for the top and blooms nestled along the bottom like in the cake above, which limits the amount of direct contact of the petals to the icing.

Decorating your cake with fresh flowers may have a few concerns to think about, but we are here to help. Please feel free to phone us at 917 499 2030, or leave a comment on your order form for us to contact you, and we would be happy to help you design the perfect balance for your A Simple Cake.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Buttercream or Fondant? Which is Best For A Summer Wedding?

Buttercream icing

When I started making cakes back in the late 1980's, fondant was rarely spoken of. It was primarily used in England, or British influenced countries, to cover fruitcake as a wedding cake. It was not until Martha Stewart fell in love with the the smooth porcelain look of fondant did it become a regular thing here. Cakes with fondant appeared in the pages of Weddings and not soon after onto the cake tables at weddings across our land.

Up until that point we mostly decorated with buttercream, or when pressed, whipped cream. It was the type of frosting that kids like me grew up with, and it was the only thing we equated icing to. There are several different types of buttercream, and not all are that gritty, "hurt your teeth" variety that you get from the corner bakery. In fact, our buttercream is as light as a whipped cream, but holds up far better.

Somewhere along the line someone suggested that Fondant is a better answer for a warm summer wedding, due to it's inability to melt compared to it's buttery cousin. Immediately this set me into a tailspin for two very good reasons.

The first reason is that I come from a "food eating", rather than a "food looking at", background. As pretty as fondant is- and I admit I do love the look of it- dense sugar paste does not make my belly sing. It's super sweet and dense, and most people don't care to eat it.

The second reason is the better reason.

When it comes to the durability of a wedding cake, the ambient temperature of the environment is indeed important. A room that is kept at a typical temperature, say, 70˚-75˚ makes for a very comfortable place for the cake too. And that's exactly how it is. If the room is comfortable for you, it's comfortable for the cake. If you're having a garden wedding in July and the temperature reaches the upper 90's, well darlin', you've got bigger problems than just the cake! Unless you plan on making your guests melt into puddles, you would be offering air conditioning.

Fondant icing

Now... let me also say this. Say you are having a wedding in a warm environment and decide to have fondant to stave off any concerns- let me tell you how fondant really behaves. First off, it's not impenetrable. Fondant is sugar, and sugar is extremely hydrophyllic- this means that it attracts moisture. How that effects the cake is that on a hot and humid summer evening your fondant can get nice and sticky. It also does not protect the insides from the effects of warm weather either. I've heard disaster stories of fondant cakes that bulge and sag from the insides of the cake melting and losing structure on a languid and beastly hot day. (NOT our cakes mind you!)

So again- you would need to keep the cake in a comfortable environment- and if you're going to do that? Then why not use buttercream? It's far more delicious, and in many cases, just as beautiful. We make a meringue based buttercream with real butter, that is divine. It enables us to make an elegant, off white color cake that can stand up to higher temperatures very well. At 80-85˚ it's not at it's best, but it will not collapse, and it will be deeelish.

Of course, there are instances where fondant is necessary. Certain designs such as our Quilted design require fondant, and if you prefer the look, by all means- I agree, it's beautiful, but if you're choosing one over the other because of the season- forget it.

I promise, it will be fine.

And if it is overly warm? Then simply keep the cake in the fridge until about 2 hrs before serving. You can have them place the cake just before your guests sit for dinner and it will be perfect by the time you cut it.

buttercream icing with fresh flowers

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