Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crystal decorations-More DIY bling

Like I said in the previous post, that was just the beginning of some of the things we found to decorate A Simple Cake at Shine Trim. As their business card says, "brilliant embellishments..." I wholeheartedly agree!

For this cake, which is our Ribbon Band design, I purchased 4" ivory satin ribbon from Pacific Trimming (see previous post for info), about 6 yards for this cake. Then using 3, 4" crystal buckles I threaded the ribbon through, leaving swallow tail ends. I positioned the ribbon to go at different directions, which was a secondary thought. At first I had the buckles lined up like soldiers in a row, but then didn't like the severity of that. A little more softness, a little more ease was needed. For the top of the cake I used a set of our Garden Rose decorations from our collection. In the end, a swanky and romantic cake.

When Helen and I first started talking she immediately brought up how much the rhinestone ribbon was requested. No argument, it's stunning. She offers several different thicknesses (rows of stones). At first I did the classic band around the bottom of each tier- ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that, but I wanted something a little more.

Using the rhinestone hairpins (not listed on the site, but she has them) I laid a second row of the ribbon on the top tier and then using a hat pin attached the large lacy brooch as an accent. For a little warmth I wrapped the bottom tier with 4" satin ivory ribbon- the next time I would add a thiiiiin ring of rhinestones at the bottom to give it weight- but didn't have any for this shoot.

One could easily be tempted to add feathers and such to the top of this cake. Floppy white calla lilies would be divine or even luscious peonies...

And now lastly, my beauty. 4" silvery gray ribbon wrapped the cake and then I got an accenting taupe ribbon (2") to enhance the top. The two Autumn Leaf pins are just so stunning and so graceful. I thought about how they could be representative of the bridal couple. I simply pinned them into the cake and then used another hat pin underneath to prop up the leaves so they hung nicely.

Helen was nice enough to lend me all of these pins and they have since been returned- but I think I really need to go purchase them for myself....


Visual Vamp said...

Love the bling, and the new blog!
Adding you to my blog list!
xo xo

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