Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Liza Minnelli!!

Liza Minnelli celebrated her 67th birthday this past week with one of our fabulous cakes. Liza, along with her close friend, Alan Cumming did a one off performance in celebration of her big day.

Surrounded by close friends it was said that the Oscar winning star looked positively thrilled as she gazed at the culinary masterpiece. She was apparently shocked and delighted by the surprise, and after blowing out the candles threw her hands up in celebration.

Happy Birthday dear Liza!


David said...

A Person can merely enjoy two occasions relating to him/her personally.
One, is Birthday - a day in a year.
Another, is Marriage Day - A Day in a Lifetime.
Both are most precious ones, which stay memorable for a long time.

I wish you a very very Happy Birthday to Liza Minnelli.

Birthday Wishes said...

I wish you a very very Happy Birthday to Liza Minnelli and all Birthday Wishes fill the life with joy and blessings.

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