Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One Simple Wedding Cake, Many design ideas

We had fun today! We took our basic Satin Ribbon design, and on the same exact cake came up with 4 different design combinations. We used ribbons mostly, and some pretty paper flowers to decorate each cake.

Later this week I'll pull together a how-to make the bows, how to attach the ribbons and where to get the supplies, but for now I wanted to share the looks.

What's astonishing to me is how different they all feel!

Here is where we started. Pretty as it is in it's own austere way....

Added very simply are some flowers, but on the hip-a luscious group of paper hydrangeas.

For this one, again, the basic Satin Ribbon cake as it comes but in addition I created a ribbon bouquet using several colors of white and then accented with creamy ivory paper hydrangeas. Letting the tails hand down gives some soft movement and grace.

Originally this cake was created for New York Weddings- but after submitting several designs this one didn't make the issue but instead made the cutting room floor (many bakers had the same experience, *sigh* oh well!). This design was Lauren's inspiration off of a "crumb catcher" neckline on a wedding dress.
Lastly, we used different tones, widths and types of ribbons to create this design. Grosgrain, satin and paper ribbon were used. Nestled on the top is that pretty group of paper hydrangeas.

Stay tuned for the how-to and more of this type of posting. We've been researching crystals and bling! SOOOO much fun!

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