Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Cake Stands: the Rustic Look

Tree Slice

Properly presenting a wedding cake can make all the difference to the ultimate feel of the design. It's the final touch after putting so much thought into the design of the cake, or making A Simple Cake more elegant and revered. I have never been a fan of just plunking a cake down on a white clothed table- the cakes always look so adrift and solitary and just too stand alone.

But as it is with so many wonderful things these days, there has been a growing market of very interesting and very beautiful alternative cake stands.

Today I've decided to focus on rustic or earthy feeling cake stands, which I absolutely adore. I can easily imagine one our our cakes decorated with fresh flowers or fruits.

Magnolia Floral Moss Stand

This idea of moss covered stands I fantastic.
So earthy and natural. I also really like how you can add in some other materials that are on your cake to the stand- imagine some of the fresh flowers and leaves from the previous post. This conjures up ethereal thoughts for me. Imagine our Wavy Stripe cake with just leaves and tiny blossoms....

True Connection Rustic Box

The Rustic Box tableau reminds me of the weather beaten wood near the beaches where I grew up on the East End of Long Island.

Our Sugar Sea Shell decorations on the Raining Dot cake would spectacular on this stand, with some shells scattered along the base as well.

Cake Stand Boutique

Lastly, this pedestal stand is just gorgeous. It is hard to find a solid pedestal that has a platform large enough to accommodate a large wedding cake. Perching a large cake on a small stand can look great for photos- but when sitting on a table for the duration of a wedding with (hopefully) dancing guests potentially bumping into a top heavy balancing act- it makes me shudder with anxiety.

This stand comes in several sizes and this one is 16". The quiet simplicity of this stand could easily be used again and again after the big day.

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