Sunday, June 12, 2011

A June Wedding With Elegant Silver Details

It's rare that I go on deliveries these days, except when the cake might need some on-sight zhooshing, so yesterday was a lovely and surprising treat. I am such an eye candy junky (who isn't) and seeing how all the details come together. During the planning process I am described in detail all of the elements of the decor, and though I can get a pretty good idea of how that can translate into reality, there is nothing like seeing the real thing. Sadly, because I wasn't planning on tagging along, I didn't have my camera with me so I had to take the photos with my iphone. I hope you can still appreciate how subtly sweet and pretty this wedding was.

This bride chose our Silver Dragee cake with buttercream icing and our Satin Ribbon Bow on top. The silver plateau was hers and the "Just Married" banner was glittered an antique-y silver to match. The tulle draped table cloth lent an ethereal romantic touch and flounce to what can typically be a stiff table. The cake was tucked in the corner at the end of a long banquet table against a dark folding screen.

On the table gorgeous blossoming peonies, roses, ivy and jasmine spilled out of footed glass containers, no two alike, amongst distressed silver votives and candlesticks. The architecture of the room was detailed in parquet tiled floors and vaulted ceiling. Most likely constructed around the turn of the 20th century when stonemasons did magical things all over NYC. Stone columns added to the grandeur, and overlooking the lake was a long wall of French doors allowing light and air to soften and lighten the room.

The effect was a soft, romantic, elegant and intimate ambiance. As we were heading out we saw the bride and her bridal party taking photos. I had to resist running over to kiss her and congratulate her, not only for the handsome husband on her arm, but for creating such a wonderful day.

Stunning tile floors and soaring vaulted ceiling

The ceremony overlooking a lake with a cut paper canopy in the breeze

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