Monday, October 17, 2011

The Sweetness of Small Weddings

Jorge and his partner of many years got married today.  They had a very small celebration but wanted everything to be just as special, and why on earth shouldn't it be?

Early this morning I went to the farmer's market to gather delicate and earthy elements for them. A little bit of a trick for such a little jewel of a cake. Usually I can find tiny runts of the fruits but there was little to choose from on a Monday.

Happily I found gooseberries in golden papery pods that were so delicate and amazing. Fresh thyme and peppermint leaves were my greens accents and rich dark purple Italian plums were the mainstay. 

As I was heading out I stopped in front of a booth that sold flowers. Lively bouquets were tucked into tiers of buckets. Everything was too large, too bold, and too... flowery. But the buttons nagged at me and I kept having to peer into my satchel to compare color and texture to what I had already gathered. 

Finally the man behind the table asked what I was trying to do. Dazed a bit I said I was decorating a small wedding cake and it had to be right. As I said this I pulled out a bunch of the flowers and handed them to him. He took them, and as I fished for the bills out of my wallet he came around the table with the package wrapped for me. He then very quietly said to me, "these are my favorite, I just love the color". 

Yes...., I thought, they are seductive.

Making such a small cake is not typical for us since we have a minimum. But these two decided to order from us a larger cake and only have us bring this sweet thing to the restaurant celebratory luncheon. 

The other tier they have saved back at their home, to be savored after the return from their honeymoon.

Just the start of many sweet years ahead for them.

Providing fresh flower decoration is one of the new custom services we are working on updating on the site. We would love to hear your feedback on this.


didi ferrario said...

sweet little cake! and love all the natural accents

Gail {} said...

Thank you Didi!

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