Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Announcing: Mr and Mrs White- Our Lauren gets married

On November 10th, our dear and beautiful Lauren married her man- Ryan White. Which now can explain the name of the custom side of the business A White Cake by Lauren Bohl-White.

Everyone's wedding is special, every bride looks beautiful- but as it is with babies- OUR girl's wedding was the best and the most beautiful!

The wedding took place in Columbus Ohio. It was a collaborative effort with the cake. Paola, who works with Lauren in the kitchen, baked the cake and filled the layers. I drove the cake to Ohio and did the finishing icing. Ruth Drennan, another extremely talented cake baker and close friend of both Lauren and me, made the sugar flowers and did the final decorating.

Every step full of love and sweetness.

Weddings are a blessing to all of us. It's the reminder of what love is and why we cling together. It renews our fortitude and blows a more vibrant glow into the embers of our deep loves. Whenever two people come together and declare their love, it is a benefit to us all.

And when there is a room full of love for the joining couple- there will be good times and much dancing, as there was that evening. I've been to many weddings, but there is no comparison between them. Each nuptial is the quintessential of the two. It is a reflection of the energy of their hearts. No two are alike, as no two couples are.

Their evening was filled with laughter, delicious food, flowing wine, and yes- much dancing. It was one of the best weddings I've shared in my life. We should all be so blessed.


Flowers delivery in Noida@Country Flora said...

Yes its Nice.

Susan Johnson said...

Wedding cakes make the occasion more special. The cake you order should be delicious , unique and as beautiful as the bride for whom the cake is purchased.

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Surat Flowers said...

Great Blog!

bella said...

What are the trees next to the wedding cake made of? Just curious. We are helping a customer of ours out and think these are great ideas for the reception table.

Gail Watson A Simple Cake said...

Hi Bella, thanks for the comment. Those are croquembouche, which are a traditional French dessert that is made out of cream puffs.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm wondering where you got the croquembouche for the wedding? I'm getting married in Columbus next year and my fiance is french, and have been struggling to find a bakery that would do it!

thank you!

Gail Watson A Simple Cake said...

We had La Chatelaine on Lane Ave make the croquembouche towers for us. These towers were for display only but we had cream puffs that La Chatelaine also provided to be plated along with each slice of cake and they were delicious! Hope this helps!

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