Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fresh Flowers and Silver Dragees

Often we are called upon to make up cakes for photo shoots for various reasons. Sometimes for specific cake stories and sometimes as background props. These were two that we put together last minute. Right before they went out I took some quick snaps. The best part of doing these shoots (because often they are done gratis) is we can then offer more ideas for how our cakes can be embellished.

Both of these designs were produced for New York Weddings last year. The beaded cake was used in the magazine, but the image was the size of a postage stamp. Here is a better view.

The best part of the fresh flowers cake is the smell of those gorgeous roses. The Flat Leaf Eucalyptus was a nice accent too, but those roses were heady.

The Silver Beaded cake is covered in fondant and topped with a luscious batch of our sugar Parrot Tulips. I love how tailored the cake part is and how organic and floppy the tulips turned out.

1 comment:

rebeccamariemcg said...

I love this cake. It's so elegant. Where did you find the beads?

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