Saturday, April 9, 2011

We made the news!

OK, so this was awhile ago, but the blog is new so here you have it. Channel 7, NYC ABC did a spot on how to save money on your wedding. They featured 2 of our cakes.

The first is the florentine swirl with fresh flowers and cascading ribbons on top. The cake was elevated to enable bouquets of flowers to be tucked underneath. This gives added height and drama.

The second cake is the Wavy Stripe that we tucked on silk butterflies that we purchased in the flower market. The butterflies come in a wide range of colors but we opted for this monochromatic look, using several different size butterflies. I love this look for a casual afternoon event.

The cameras came into my kitchen/studio and set up lights and reflectors in corners. For once I had to do my own make up and I actually got to speak on camera. The team was amazing and they did a beautiful job on the spot. All that set up and I think the whole shoot took 15 mins! No complaints from me- nice to put on clean clothes, make up and take my hair out of its ponytail.

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