Saturday, September 15, 2012

Petal Wonderful White Wedding Cake

All white petal flower cake by A White Cake- by Lauren Bohl White

The skies had threatened rain, but it turned out to be a lovely evening for this Hamptons wedding. Lauren produced this cake through the other side of the business, A White Cake, which specializes in custom cakes and more detailed sugar work. The cascade of white fluffy petals were a perfect compliment to the setting- don't you think?

The mood and atmosphere of this day was easy casual elegance. I've heard many brides say that's what they want, and this bride pulled it off beautifully. A backyard wedding amongst tall leafy ancient trees, guests cruising around the lawn with tinkling cocktails in hand as the sun sets. As the day turns into dusk the shift it towards the tent and dinner.

Under the billowing tent, a soft pink orbs create a warm rosy calm and sweet intimacy- the dancing and song playing can now commence. In the corner was a lovely sweets table with apothecary jars brimming with more lovely colors treats. The overall feeling, relaxed and lovely.

My daughter (25) accompanied me on this delivery. She couldn't stop sighing at the location and the atmosphere, and when it was time to take our leave she looked at me with wishful eyes, "Can't we stay??" Of course she knew the answer to that question- but what a testament to a day well planned.

Fluffy white centerpieces and the petal delicate cake set the mood.

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