Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Customizing A Simple Cake

It's always fun to work with clients to take A Simple Cake design and add their own colors and ideas to make it their own.  Whether it's making the gumpaste flowers a color to match the bride's bouquet or combining patterns and design combinations to come up with something new . . . the possibilities are endless. We thought we might post some pictures of recent cakes showing some different combinations.  In regards to pricing for these custom options, there's no hard or fast rule, depending on what you want to do it may be a flat fee or a cost per serving.  If you have something in mind give us a call and we can certainly work with you.

Florentine Swirl design with red classic roses, buttercream cake
Quilted design with lavender Garden Roses

Pearl Dot design with pink Lace and pearls custom design, buttercream cake

Raining Dots design in Pink Ombre, buttercream cake

New Ruffle Design with Tulips in mixed sizes 

Sugar Drape design with Fresh Flowers, buttercream cake

Black Satin Ribbon with Silver Dragee, fondant Cake
Petal Flower design as a cascade, photo by Christian Oth Studio
Swallow Tail design with Moth Orchids, buttercream cake


Wedding Cake Designs said...

Choosing a wedding cake can be a tricky task, there’s a lot of things to consider, including the design, the taste, the size/portion size and of course the budget so ask your cake decorator for the real budget.

jude said...

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Wicked Pops said...
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Liza said...

WOW!! These cakes are looking so delicious.. yummy!! I would like to book one of these cakes for my parent’s wedding anniversary celebration. We have selected New York Wedding Venues for the party. Do you have service for delivery or not? We need cake in butter scotch flavor as it’s my parents first choice.

Jenny said...

Wow!These cakes look very delicious and Yummy! Recently I designed my mother's birthday cake from Sweeter Than The Rest Cake Boutique in Orlando and the cake was so delicious and amazing!

Richard Lomonaco said...

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sonali Gawde said...

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